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Doing Himalayan Kriya Yoga anytime anywhere is how the practice can have its biggest impact on your life. The beauty of these practices are they are accessible to everyone who has a keen desire to do what it takes to rise above their drama struggles and change their life for the better, regardless of physical condition, age, religion or cultural background.

You don’t need any special props , special rooms, special equipment or music. All you need is your body and the willingness to look weird sometimes because you know that it will immensely make you feel better.

Each kriya can be practiced anytime anywhere that you see is a good time. After practicing for a while your body will even already know which one it needs to remove whatever the situations of life brings. Once you know about each kriya and what its effect is - then it is easy to apply kriya yoga anytime anywhere: When you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, sometimes even you wake up and find you were doing kriya subconsciously in your sleep or while you are dreaming you are doing kriya.

You can do it in the mall, in a friend’s house, in your house, at a restaurant, at work, in the toilet...
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