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Himalayan Kriya Yoga is the style of kriya yoga as facilitated and taught by the students of Maha Shiva Yogi: Dr. Pradeep Ullal who is directly guided by Maha Avatar Babaji. Although in essence the same frequency and lineage as other initiated lines of Kriya Yoga, the preparation for the body, mind, emotions and energy of the practitioner is more thorough.

Let’s face it, modern people are restless and agitated most of the time or they are in their heads and not in their bodies.

Before meditation or even breathwork can be successful, something needs to be done about it. Otherwise the meditation becomes more intellectual than experiential. Once I saw a definition of Kriya Yoga as “intellectually moving energy thru the body” - um excuse me… when you feel energy moving thru your body your mind is definitely not involved.
You FEEL it and the mind is not thinking otherwise it is not real - you are just making it up thru wishful thinking. When energy moves you don't need to think about it, it is moving whether you like it or not.
This is real.

Fortunately Himalayan Kriya Yoga takes the Tamasic or Rajasic Energy of the modern human being and purifies it into Sattvic energy very easily so that the meditative practices of Kriya can be more profound. This makes the meditative awareness and the deep absorption of Samadhi states easily accessed by beings who are ready.
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