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The practices are designed to energetically cleanse your body of energy blockages in the quickest way possible. An energy blockage is when prana or vital energy is not flowing properly in some part of your energy body. It affects you in four different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and through Karmic Patterns or Samskaras.

Physical Symptoms of Energy Blockages

When prana is unable to flow properly through you, it can affect the physical body. Depending on where the lack of energy is, you will have some recurring pain, disease or weakness. The practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga greatly improves the efficiency of your physical body and all organ systems by removing these energy blockages resulting in overall body health and wellness. This means freedom from pain, freedom from recurring ailments and freedom from body weakness. As Guruji Pradeep Ullal says “Pain is where the light doesn’t flow”. So we learn how to allow energy to flow and the pain goes away.

Mental Symptoms of Energy Blockages

When you have energy blockages it affects the way your mind processes reality. Your brain picks up the data from your senses (eyes, ears, note, tongue, skin) and analyses it to determine what is going on in the world outside. Unfortunately this interpretation is subject to distortion depending on how you feel on the inside. In order to be able to see reality as it is we need to be ok on the inside in many levels. Being OK means that your energy body is flowing smoothly and there are no mental side effects of the lack of flow. For example, if your heart chakra has little energy flowing through it you will have a hard time seeing the clear intentions of your loved ones and instead of seeing how much they love you you will only see offensive behavior. This causes you pain in many levels. The practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga can help to clear up your mind and activate the parts of your brain and the brain chemicals responsible for you to have a blissful experience of the world and life itself. There are four necessary brain chemicals to your happy and blissful experience of the world. They are: Serotonin, Melatonin, Dopamine and endorphine. When the brain is producing these chemicals at the right amounts, no matter what is going on in the outside, you feel good on the inside and therefore are more able to properly respond to life in an effective and positive way.

Stored Emotions

Suppresed emotions do go nowhere and are stored in our body. - As a result they transform into psychological or physical issues. During the Himalayan Kriya Yoga practice you release those emotions that got stored in different parts of your body during your life. That is why during HImalayan Kriya practice people experience intense emotional releases.

Karmic Patterns

We project onto nature who we think we are. This becomes our story. Nature is our mirror and reflects our story back at us. Our karmic patterns form from these stories that have been molded from our previous actions not only in this lifetime but in previous journeys as well. For example if someone thinks that the world is an unsafe place then disaster usually follows them. (Some people are just unlucky that way; or is it their karma?) However if someone thinks that the world is like their beautiful caring mother then wherever they go people take care of them and they are always safe from danger. (Some people are just lucky that way ; or is it their karma?) Our energy blockages can lead us to create a story that is not real. The practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga allows us to remove not only the blockages in our energy channel, but also the negative karma associated with it. When you get energy to flow in that particular energy channel that was stuck, suddenly the veil is lifted and you understand now the truth about yourself and the world.
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