Remove unwanted blockages from the body, release intense emotions & unlock your energy flow.

Ancient practice
to unlock energy channels and chakras

Kriyas are specific sets of exercises, breathing techniques and sound mantras used to unlock energy channels and chakras in the body. This quickly transforms you in all levels: phisycal, energy, emotional, mental.

Brought to modern time by the great yogi Mahavatar Babaji originating from the Himaliyas. Popularized by the book «Autobiography of a Yogi» by Paramahansa Yogananda.
According to Yogananda's autobiography, Babaji has resided for at least hundreds of years in the remote Himalayan regions of India, seen in person by only a small number of disciples and others.
Through the strength of his character and his skillful transmission of perennial wisdom, he showed the way for millions to transcend barriers to the liberation of the soul.


This is a sacred science practices are designed to energetically cleanse your body of energy blockages in the quickest way possible. These include mental patterns, stored emotions, and karmic patterns.
When energy (prana) is unable to flow properly through you, it can affect the physical body. Depending on where the lack of energy is, you will have some recurring pain, disease or weakness. The practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga removing energy blockages resulting in overall body health and wellness.
Your brain picks up the data from your senses (eyes, ears, note, tongue, skin) and analyses it to determine what is going on in the world outside. The practice of Himalayan Kriya Yoga can help to clear up your mind and activate the parts of your brain and the brain chemicals responsible(Serotonin, Melatonin, Dopamine and endorphine) for you to have a blissful experience of the world and life itself.
Suppresed emotions do go nowhere and are stored in our body. As a result they transform into psychological or physical issues. During the Himalayan Kriya Yoga practice you release those emotions that got stored in different parts of your body during your life. That is why during Himalayan Kriya practice people experience intense emotional releases.
If someone thinks that the world is an unsafe place then disaster usually follows them. However if someone thinks that the world is like their beautiful caring mother then wherever they go people take care of them and they are always safe from danger. When you get energy to flow in that particular energy channel that was stuck, suddenly the veil is lifted and you understand now the truth about yourself and the world.

WHAT is on this training

Lesson 1 (20 min.)
  • What is Himalayan Kriya Yoga
  • Meeting with Kriya Parampara
  • The benefits of practicing on a physical, mental, emotional and karmic level
  • What makes this training exclusive and unique
LESSON 2 (30 min.)
Theory of Kriya
  • Description of all elements of kriya
  • Energy anatomy: Koshas, Chakras, Nadis, Vayus
  • Dynamic movement
  • Tapping, Mudras, Mantras
LESSON 3 (65 min.)
Kriya practice for the head
  • Brain activation
  • Neural synchrony : balancing right and left hemispheres.
  • Brain detox
LESSON 4 (65 MIN.)
KRIYA PRACTICE for the upper body
  • Releasing negative emotions from heart & belly area
  • Overcoming blocks to giving & recieving
LESSON 5 (65 MIN.)
Kriya practice for the lower body
  • Reconnecting to the energy of planet earth
  • Releasing guilt, shame, abandonment and betrayal from your karma
LESSON 6 (35 MIN.)
how to implement kriya practice in daily life
  • How often do i need to practice
  • How to implement Himalayan Kriya with other practices: yoga, meditation...
  • Himalayan Kriya for stressfull situations
LESSON 7 (15 MIN.)
COnclusion. Results of the course
  • Intension setting & removing obstacles for future
  • Where to go from here
benefits of the training

What you will get after the training

Release stress from the body, improve organ function, be free from pain.

Calm your mind, improve concentration, remove negative thoughts & fully express and release your emotions.

Learn about the internal workings of yoga beyond asana.

Clear all your energy channels and discover who you really are.

5 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.


Peewee Sanchez is a Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 training yoga teachers worldwide since 2009. She is a senior student of Dr. Pradeep Ullal from Kevala Foundation and has been authorized to train teachers in Himalayan Kriya Yoga.
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This has unlocked her abilities as an intuitive healer through touch and her voice which she uses for private or group healing sessions. Her ability to channel Kundalini Shakti allows her to awaken this dormant energy in aspirants that have proved ready as well as guide those seeking help in this matter. Since the global pandemic she has been sharing this practice with the world through retreats, workshops, online courses and teacher trainings.

Peewee has been doing yoga for more than 20 years and training yoga teachers in Hatha Yoga (200hr and 300hr) under Yoga Alliance since 2009. Her first contact with yoga was regular self practice from an Iyengar Book in her native Philippines, with cardboard sheets for a mat. On weekends she would practice Vajrayana Buddhist meditation with her neighbor Khandro Chogyam Drolma. Due to this early exposure to alignment, the energy body and meditation she always looked for teachers that understood and knew how to work with energy through their yoga practice as well as those with an alignment conscious understanding of asana.

The Spiritual Head of Kevala Foundation has evolved the Himalayan Kriya Yoga as a profound scientific process to decalcify, detox, decarbonize, align, balance, calibrate the mind-body-spirit.

Get experience of your energy body


the experience of our students

Alex Morozov, Russia
Yesterday i had a talk with my psycologist. We've went through a lot.
Talked about my inner child, his fears. I saw him, saw how he needed love and protection.
And didn't get it.
I cried.
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The next day i woke up in depressed mood. The feeling of insecurity and lack of love was somewhere in my head.
On the road to practice I passed by my friend. He was asleep so i took sigarettes, to distract somehow myself from my thoughts.
I knew what i wanted to feel.
I want to release these tensions and emotions we revealed yesterday with my pshychologist.

The practice started. I was concentrating all the way in my body.
To bring attention there, inside.
To get out from the head, from those thought about my childhood, my relationships, my hard times in business…
I wanted to bring my awarness in the body, to feel it. And i wanted my body to feel relaxed, strong.
If my body is feeling it self good - I start to feel good.
So i breathed.
Breathed and concentrating on the breath, on the air. Pumping it in the body from one point to another. Feeling how the air and energy with it goes in my body to it's specific parts, bringning new oxygen and energy from the nature, from life.
Tapping on my body, waking it up, shaking, feeling the body, bringing awareness to my chest, my throut, my head, my crown chakra, spine as a center, feeling the 3rd eye point and breating out from there and from the whole body.

At some point, after 20-40 minutes of mudras, breathing and working with the head and neck - i realized that i feel now how my head became more clear, less thoughts, less emotions, it became more stable.
I feel the energy moving inside. The flow of something in the head, in the neck.
And it moves freely.

Next we started to tap on the collar bones. And this area reflects and connects to our inner child.
I knew that.
I concentrated even more on my sensations and emotions. From early morning i knew that i wanna feel those emotions of myself at 6-8 y/o.
All that i was banned to feel and told, that they are no important.

I continued my tapping.
Breathing in the area of collar bones.
Connecting with my inner child, with myself, small Alex.

Peewee : "Now put left arm under the right arm on your neck, inhale full.
Hold your breath and squize your neck.
Don't breath.
When you feel the point - release"
After 30 seconds I did that kriya exercise I realized my self in the space.
"Where am i?"
"Whats happening?"
"Did i lose my conscious?"
"Wow… barely standing... "
"Alright… I am here. I know all of these people… we are practicing.
Yes! Just now we did one kriya with the neck.
Yes. Now i remember.

Oh my gosh. I feel like i've been rebooted.
Was I?"

I was still trying to keep my body from not falling down.
I sat on the mat.
Sat down to understand what's happ…..

Tears started to flow from my eyes.
I was feeling.
Feeling that deep deep sadness, what felt little me when he wanted to feel but was not allowed.
I felt so deep.
I got so much connected.
I felt myself.
So much more things that keep triggering and bringing reactions what i wanna transform.

Now i am laughing.
I noticed people around me. They obviously are experiencing something.
Something beutiful )
I am smiling.
I feel love inside.
I feel so much release.

So happy to meet myself.
So happy to feel what he feels.

Thank you Peewee so much!
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more information about the training

What types of physical issues kriya helps to resolve?
Himalayan Kriya Yoga can solve systemic issues with organs or physical issues with joints by improving the flow of prana in an area and by removing the psychological reasons for energy blockage. These include: Migraine, Acid Reflux, Spondylosis (neck and shoulder pain), Sciatica.
What types of phycological issues kriya helps to resolve?
With breathing techniques and asanas we bring our mind in a peaecfull state what effect on possibility of controlling Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Abundance in life, Loneliness, Shyness or failure to communicate. All those thing you are now able to transform.
Are there any contradiction on practicing Kriya?
Himalayan Kriya Yoga has no contrindications but if you are pregnant, have just undergone major surgery, or have a chronic disease it is best to seek private guidance by way of a 1:1 healing session specific for your condition.
What if i will have questions during the training?
All the attendees of the course are invited in the closed Facebook group, where they will have opportunity to ask questions to Peewee or to other students.
What science says about Kriya?
Through the last couple of decades, research at top-tier academic research hospitals and institutions in the United States and all over the world have discovered that this kriya, when practiced regularly over a period of eight weeks, begins to improve a whole range of measures, from cognitive performance on memory testing all the way to cellular changes.

A groundbreaking study at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), showed that regular practice increased telomerase—the enzyme linked to structures at the ends of our chromosomes, which affect how our cells age. In fact, telomerase was increased by 43 percent, the largest increase ever recorded. Other studies on the practice have shown that it improves blood flow to the brain, reverses memory loss, eases depression and decreases inflammatory genes while increasing healthy ones.
When is the release date of the training?
The release date of the training is 15.12.2020. The original price for the training is $95. If you purchase the training before this date the price for you is $45. So you save $50. When the training is released you will get the link via email for all the material.
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When do i need to finish the training?
You can finish the course at your own comfort and convenience. But we recommend to do the practice every 3 days a week. This course is completely flexible with your schedule needs. The access to the course is lifetime for you to have availability to practice it even after years.
How to get continues education with this training?
Peewee Sanchez is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits are available for all Yoga Alliance Registered Teachers by submitting the certificate provided at the end of this course and reporting the workshop on your Yoga Alliance Profile.
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— Paramahamsa Yogananda

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