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In this sequence of theory videos we will speak on what Himalayan Kriya Yoga is, where is it from and how does it work to quickly raise your frequency and clear your energy channels. Includes a simple exercise on how to feel energy in your body.
What is Himalayan Kriya Yoga
+ feeling your energy practice
Here you will learn about Kriya Yoga, as an instrument for aligning with your body and mind. How and why does it work. You will experience the energy flow in you.
Himalayan Kriya Yoga lineage
Peewee Sanchez describes the beautiful story of how Himalayan Kriya Yoga come to us in the modern day and the specific lineage of this Himalayan Kriya Yoga Online Course. Also explained is the meaning of Guru Parampara and the historical lineage of Himalayan Kriya Yoga.
Benefits of himalayan Kriya Yoga practice
Learn how this practice can effect you and your life on physical, mental, emotional and karmic levels.
Why this course is unique
There is no chance of finding other online Himalayan Kriya Training in the whole internet space. Use this chance.

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